End-to-end services

In addition to providing construction and maintenance services for the electrical distribution network, Stentek specializes in deploying lineman crews during hurricanes and ice storms.

Safety is our priority objective and we are taking the means to achieve it.

Unmatched Capabilities across North America

  • Emergency reponse after storm
  • Distribution construction and maintenance
  • Distribution design and engineering
  • Installation overhead pole lines
  • Overhead construction and maintenance
  • Primary voltage conversions
  • Pole replacements, circuit re-conductoring, circuit rehabilitation
  • Line relocations in preparation for road widening projects
  • Make-ready work for communication infrastructure
  • Fault locate and repair (FLR)
  • And more

Proven Expertise

Work done right

The vast majority of the linemen we employ have over 30 years of experience.

Extensive tooling

Inspection and upgrading of all computer controlled dielectric tools and equipment.

Rigorously inspections

Rigorous inspection of the bucket truck fleet.

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